Happy Thanksgiving from Snupps!

Posted by Sophie Williams on November 27, 2014

The team

Today, the Snupps team are gathering around some pumpkin pie for our own little Thanksgiving in London.

What are we thankful for? Well, we’re thankful for each member of the team for contributing to the Snupps app and working on it every day, whether they build it or spread the word about it.

But most of all, we are thankful for you, our users. Snupps has only got to where it is today because of you; and as more and more of you sign up, upload items, comment on and wow items, Snupps continues to get bigger and better - and more useful to you.

Whether you use the app as a private inventory and organizer or as a way of sharing and connecting with your friends, we thank you. Keep on Snupping.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Snupps Team!

P.S. Invite your friends to Snupps and get them to post their Black Friday haul - you know you want to see what bargains they get!

About Sophie Williams

Sophie recently graduated from Cambridge and finally moved out of her parents' house to a flat in London. She is a book collector and film buff. She used to accidentally buy duplicates of the things she owned because she wasn't sure if she already had them. Using Snupps to record the stuff she owns has been, therefore, a godsend.